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All Inclusive Marketing Consulting Agency

IndySMMA or Indiana Social Media Marketing Agency can help you get the attention you seek from your customers. Do you need assistance creating a long-term marketing strategy that converts at a high rate and builds a sustainable influx of revenue? Our full-service marketing consulting service won’t limit you to just one method of attracting users to your products or services, but provide you with a wide range of options to meet your marketing needs. We take a multifaceted approach to digital marketing and lead generation, and through our expertise we are able to achieve desirable results for our clients. Whether you need assistance with social media marketing, SEO, website development, advertising or any other marketing topic, we can be the helping hand that guides you to profitability and brand development.

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All in One Marketing Service

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Social Media Marketing

With competition higher than ever, it is important that you establish your business on every available platform. Not only should your business have a profile on every available social media platform, but you should also have an active and engaged audience on those platforms to drive traffic, revenue, and brand recognition. We offer an optimized solution to your social media management needs that not only establishes your brand on social media, but also actively promotes your products and services to the people that they are targeted towards. Our social media management service includes posting, advertising, and customer interaction.

Website Development

If you want to build a sustainable, long-term asset for your company that creates a profitable funnel of leads, then our Website Development for Lead Generation service is right for you. We can build a lead generation website that creates value over time and continues to bring in sustainable and affordable leads for your business. We specialize in website development for lead generation optimized for search results, but also for converting visitors into paying customers. Establishing your funnel of leads is critically important, and that is exactly what we help your business accomplish.

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Local SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential aspect of marketing your website. If a website has not been properly optimized, the search engines will not find it and if the search engines do not find the website then potential customers cannot find the site either. It is important that the website is designed for the search engines in mind as much as the customer in mind. We at IndySMMA design all of our work with SEO in mind. Our job is to make it easy for search engines to read, understand, and interact with the website so the information is presented to potential customers looking for relevant content. Contact us today to get started.

Reputation Management

An essential component of effective Internet marketing is managing your reputation and your company’s reputation online. Customers often engage in Internet research before choosing a product or service as well as the provider of that product or service. It is quite common for a customer to research your company name, your name and your URL before making a final decision as to whether or not to use your company. This fact makes it essential that you engage in effective reputation management. We take care of all aspects of your reputation online making sure that your company’s information is correct, consistent and available for customers to find.

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ChatBot Development

Grow your business with chatbots and conversational marketing. ChatBots have been shown to increase user engagement as well as conversion rates. When your visitor lands on your website, the chatbot interacts with them. Through conversational marketing it converts them into a qualified lead or a customer. Grow your business with chatbots and conversational marketing. ChatBots have been shown to increase user engagement as well as conversion rates. When your visitor lands on your website, the chatbot interacts with them. Through conversational marketing it converts them into a qualified lead or a customer. How does it work? We take all the information about your business. Once we have all the possible answers that you could have for your customers questions, we create a sequence to guide your customers through the process of navigating your website to find the answer they are looking for.

Ads Management

What is the most important element to a business startup of any kind?

Nope, it’s not the product quality. Customer service is out. Branding and price haven’t got much to do with it either, even though all these elements are important. But nowhere near as crucial as this. “It’s Called TRAFFIC”

Online Advertising is one of the most effective ways to get targeted traffic to your offers on demand. We take care of all ads campaigns and maximize your budget to get the return you need.

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LinkedIn Business Profile Management

Of the many social network sites LinkedIn is the one most use to build professional contacts and grow a business. It has received some disapproval for being too closed to the public and for the fees it charges for some of its services, but it is also the second most popular social network site, next to Facebook. Having an engaging and complete profile for you and your company is essential to be able to generate a good base of leads. IndySMMA will create, optimize, and manage your company’s LinkedIn’s profile with a steady flow of relevant content to your prospect audience. We can also help your team by providing curated content to increase engagement and connections.

Lead Generation

Do you recognize why Google is making so much money? It’s because they deliver the most relevant results for the individuals punching in the keywords. Individuals pay Google good money as they bring the most relevant, most targeted paying leads for their business needs. It evidences one thing – tapping into the power of Google is just one of the ways of constructing good a lead generation system bringing in the best leads and prospects for your internet marketing business. The day you stop acquiring new leads, your entire business will come to a grating halt – so by establishing a good lead generation system on autopilot, your business will grow by itself, long after you’ve stopped working on it directly. Our goal with everything we do is to create a system for your business to start generation leads on its own saving you lots of money in the process.

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Email Marketing and Newsletter Management

Is your lack of knowledge in email marketing making your business marketing life difficult… maybe even setting you back quite a bit? Does it seem like you’ve tried everything you know and have been taught earlier, and yet, despite your best intentions, you’re still plagued with Not knowing how to get subscribers, Not understanding even where to start with transactional emails, Not knowing how to use triggers and variations?

If this describes you, don’t worry as you are in the right place… IndySMMA will take all the stress of it all. We will design an email sequence to start generating to results you need to have a successful email and newsletter campaign.

4 Reasons to hire IndySMMA

We at IndySMMA understand the importance of social media marketing for companies today. With the development of the internet, social platforms are the place where people meet people. If you are not on social media, you are considered to be analog.

Social Media helps marketers and companies reach an audience they would have never used any other marketing mode. The modern generation is rounded on social media, where they can be free to express themselves. Hence, a company that invests in medial social marketing has a better chance of succeeding and reaching a broader market.

Sounds easy, right? Well, social marketing is not easy. One must be ready to sacrifice a lot of time and energy is understanding how different platforms work, creating, and growing an account, and marketing their page thoroughly.

But you can avoid all that by IndySMMA. Here are four reasons you need one.

1. To maximize your budget

A business looking to gain a competitive edge in a crowded place needs to use the best of its budgets. Our social media marketing urgency understands how to best utilize your resources.

We know where to focus funds and which tools are the best. For instance, Facebook updated its algorithm last year, which significantly reduced organic reach. This compelled businesses to turn to the only other option – social media ads.

We understand how to use social media ads for the good of the company. And we will help you utilize these tools without you having to lift a finger.

2. We think outside the box to give you the best outcome

On many occasions, social media marketing agencies must think outside the box to deliver the best. And we have seen how such things need someone with expertise.

You can tap into this experience and give your customers the best. Our excellent social media marketing team knows the best-paid tools in the market. We know how to play around with content for the benefit of the company.

These are things you really need to take advantage of.

3. Get our outside perspective

Sometimes you will never be able to see what you are missing in your business. Often, companies get stuck because they lack one or two things, which they cannot see from the inside. We will give the best opinion about your brand, helping you see what needs improvement.

4. We have the resources

As stated above, social media marketing is not as easy as you may think. Luckily, IndisMMA has dedicated resources to the job. If you don’t have such resources, hiring us will help your business scale faster.

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At IndySMMA, we help local businesses into the best social media can give.

We offer:

  • Facebook page creation and management
  • Lead generation
  • Website Development
  • Full-service marketing services
  • Social media management services
  • Online advertising
  • Digital media creation and promotion

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