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Fighting for your Prospect’s Attention?

IndySMMA or Indiana Social Media Marketing Agency can help you get the attention you seek from your customers…

The best way to get in front of your perfect prospects is to have a strategy.

Social Media is the most effective way to get in front of your perfect target audience. Did you knew that Facebook has over 2 BILLION monthly active users? Also, Did you know that with Facebook ads we can target prospects based on Age, Gender, Location, Interests, connections, activities online, and even more…? Our Team can micro-target your audience to promote your services and products to the ideal customer profile.

What do you need to get started?

It is very easy to get started with Facebook advertising. However, having a good and engaging presence is crucial for success with Facebook sales and lead generation. Having the right images and content in your Facebook page will allow you to keep your prospects interested in your products and services making it easier and cheaper to achieve your goals.

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How can We Get You Business?


We will research your business and your competitor's so we can create an effective business marketing strategy

Execute Marketing Campaign

Once your business is ready to receive calls and your sales team ready to close them, we can execute your marketing plan. At this point, you can sit back relax and let the customers come!

Local Listing Creation or Optimization

We will create and/or optimize your companies local listings so whenever a customer is looking for your services they find you first. The Google Map Optimization is one of the BEST ways to get calls from prospects.

The Marketing Strategy

With the information gathered in our research process, we will design a marketing strategy for lead generation and sales.

Create or Optimize your Social Media Profiles

We will create and/or Optimize all relevant social media channels to boost your business reach. We will also set up different social media campaign to target your audience and possible customers

Lead Generation Website

If needed, we can create a lead generation website to get contact information from all the leads. There is NO POINT on getting leads if you are not able to direct traffic somewhere where you can capture useful information for your sales campaign

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